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IRECOOP ER is the vocational training centre of Confcooperative Emilia-Romagna, the Confcooperative regional level association representing cooperatives societies.

  1. IRECOOP was created in 1979 to meet the training needs of the regional cooperative system and nowadays it represents a reference point for the associated cooperatives, offering a wide range of training programmes designed to meet the needs of members, directors, managers and employees of co-operatives regionally. Besides services to cooperative enterprises, Irecoop provides support and guidance to private persons, identifying targeted tools and actions to address specific training needs and requests, both in the professional as the personal sphere. IRECOOP’S MISSION IS: to be a tool for the development of new skills and for the innovation of the local productive background, starting from the cooperative enterprises and their members; to develop, promote and disseminate the co-operative culture and its principles; to support people professional growth in order to access the labour market, particularly in the main economic sectors where the cooperative enterprises are most developed: agribusiness, social enterprises, logistics, credit.
  2. CoopUp is a Confcooperative incubation project that unites, in an unconventional way, online and offline, people, teams, innovative business ideas, projects that experiment with organizational models of cooperative inspiration.
  3. “Ready, Steady, Coop!” is the guide for start-up cooperatives that aims to support the Representative Associations of the Cooperative world who are accompanying young people in the start-up of new cooperative enterprises. The guide supports organizations in implementing a mentoring program, aimed at all entrepreneurs who are interested in the cooperative form. The publication describes all the steps to be followed to provide a potential entrepreneur with significant support in the early stages of starting his business.

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