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Kilowatt is a cooperative formed by different professionals who work in social innovation, circular economy, communication and urban regeneration. Kilowatt develops projects in three main areas: consulting, communication and education.

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Consulting includes education and training and project planning and design implemented through service design tools. Kilowatt adopts community engagement as a mean to develop successful urban regeneration, business and social innovation projects. K2 plans communication projects ranging from brand strategy to video production while, in the educational field, Kilowatt designs and implements new educational and welfare models that respond to new needs in an inclusive way.

Kilowatt is a modular project with the goal of creating new job opportunities, new professional collaborations and social relations and new inclusive welfare and socializing spaces.

Kilowatt provides concrete facilitation support to those who want to create new business, to those who have innovative ideas and to freelance parents. All these relations unfold and strengthen in one single place dedicated to cultural confrontation and contamination between innovators, citizens, businesses, the third sector and the public administration.

Kilowatt is a sustainable and innovative public-private partnership model, because it aligns the objectives of the public administration to those of the private sector around a project with a sustainable business model. This project comes to life in the regenerated spaces of Le Serre Giardini Margherita, a place for culture and new model testing.

Kilowatt represents a possible answer to current employment difficulties, the evolution of the labor market and the retrenchment of the public welfare. Therefore flexibility and value co-production are two key concepts, which contribute in shaping the identity of the whole project.

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