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Like! aims to significantly enhance the capacity of the public sector to facilitate and deliver innovation resulting in the development of a wide range of services with innovative solutions for improved public service delivery.

Under the project, local governments, citizens, universities and SMEs come together to co-create smarter, more efficient and more innovative services through nice transnational pilots covering three core themes.

  1. Like! will create a Local Digital Innovation Culture across the NSR, giving authorities & practitioners new skills and knowledge to deliver innovative services, to develop new ways to engage with communities, and to build more inclusive services.
  2. These skills will be used by local and transnational innovation teams to deliver new and innovative Smart Services in the NSR that use information more efficiently, that communicate using appropriate channels and content, and which help governments move from delivering generic to truly local services that meet real community needs.
  3. These Smart Services will underpin activities to create a Digital DNA for the City/Neighborhood, where a transnational ‘digital dashboards’ will be developed by authorities to turn data into information that will be used by citizens, policymakers, SME’s and researchers to understand how cities and neighborhoods are working. This will be complemented by work on integrating information from IoT sensors and complement work to enable the use of local data and information for local services.



The outputs and key achievements of the project work packages corresponding to the three core themes are summarized in three Like! magazines. The Transnational Magazine provides highlights of 10 of the project’s transnational collaborations, showcasing the breadth and depth of collaboration across Work Packages and themes. The following magazines were published and are available for download here:

  • Digital innovation culture (WP3)
  • Smart services (WP4)
  • Data and Dashboards (WP5)
  • Transnational Magazine: highlights of 10 transnational pilots

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