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MUG is the innovation hub for changemakers, aimed at all those who wish to contribute to change through entrepreneurship and developing high-impact projects and ideas. MUG is a technologically advanced smart working area. A place designed to facilitate networking, the exchange of ideas and the generation of open innovation pathways involving businesses, non-profits, start-ups and talent.

Mug is the home of innovators, the ideal habitat for developing business projects which intend to make an active contribution to change. Mug is a community which generates innovation and the place to develop businesses. Would you like to be part of it?

We are looking for startuppers, professionals,  students, developers, freelancers,  creatives, designers, entrepreneurs, consultants, digital nomads: people who  have the desire to make their contribution to change, who need a flexible workplace, technologically advanced services for holding meetings,  teleconferences and events, and who want to find other partners with whom to  collaborate to create projects and generate innovation.

Bring your ideas, share and grow your experiences, become part of an enabling community, with the possibility to compare notes with innovation professionals and access services supplied by Emil Banca and a network of qualified partners.

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