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The motto of our Foundation is “We teach NGOs to speak the language of business”. We want to promote the “3rd sector” and its activities, strengthen communication and establishing cooperation between organizations and the state and the market. Moreover, our assumption is education, consulting and rationalization of activities. We want to exchange our experiences, and thus strengthen the position.

We invite the business community to cooperate.

Our projects and activities allow us to achieve CSR goals and support a specific group of beneficiaries, while engaging volunteers from the company.

Projects ready for implementation:

Challenge # CEO4ProNGO – participation of directors / CEOs as an example of volunteering.
Sponsor of the Pro NGO Foundation – become a sponsor of the Foundation or a selected project so that we can help on an even larger scale, while presenting your company.
BSH Certificate Package – fund any number of Certificates for non-governmental organizations and hand them over to other organizations.
Pro NGO Foundation application – we are looking for a Partner who will cover the costs of preparation (PLN 30-50 thousand) or use his resources to create a fundraising application for our Foundation. Thanks to this application, help will be provided to many NGOs in Poland.
Congress Pro NGO 2021 – become a sponsor, partner or speaker at next year’s edition of the Congress.
Help us by commissioning:
organization of campaigns, concerts and charity collections,
implementation of employee volunteering projects,
development of projects tailored to the company’s activities,
implementation of motivational training for employees with the participation of Jasiek Mela,
implementation of training and education of employees in the area of ​​NGOs,
implementation of grant projects,
verification and analysis of non-governmental organizations with whom you cooperate.
Joint initiatives:
let’s create a project that meets the needs of NGOs related to your CSR strategy,
let’s consider how your company and employees could support non-governmental organizations.

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