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A Roadmap for Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into EU Member States and Business Practises

The overall objective of the project is to help EU member states to apply CSR as a holistic management approach to SMEs. SMEs will increase their competitiveness.

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Road-CSR brings together 7 partners from 7 countries, involving the managing authorities & regional bodies influencing regional and national policy instruments, to help EU member states to apply CSR principles into the core business of SMEs helping them with this way to become more competitive, sustainable, innovative and accomplish long term profitability with social justice and environmental protection. To incorporate CSR principles into SMEs’ business core the project includes a wide range of activities, focusing on promoting the interregional learning process and the exchange of experience among regional authorities.

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Petra Vachova

Petra Vachova, project manager experiences with innovation policies; national and international project management consultations in the field of the innovation management organization of professional inputs into Regional Implementation Plans, assistance to organization of peer reviews (scientific evaluation) of Regional Action Plans providing comprehensive services to support clients from I. phase of South Bohemian Science and Technology park (especially finding suitable finance sources and project partners from science and technology organizations) implementation and organization of conferences, roundtables, workshops and educational events management of a team of the Gate2Biotech portal editors, the official portal for Czech biotechnology grant consultancy / management (Knowledge Transfer Partnership program, CzechEkoSystém), marketing consultancy


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