Sociálni inovátori, družstvo (= Social Innovators, cooperative)

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We create a functional infrastructure and ecosystem for impact entrepreneurs and all future solvers of societal challenges. We bring capital, experience, and professionalism into the impact sector, so responsible entrepreneurs who solve the biggest societal challenges are financially sustainable, growing, and innovating businesses, setting the trend for the rest of the industry.

We connect social entrepreneurs or other solvers of societal challenges with impact investors and help our clients set up their business model and financial structure for executing and scaling their solutions. We are “financial architects” as we build on non-traditional, innovative ways of financing, that often require extreme creativity and resourcefulness. We work with financial institutions and investors who value economical sustainability and social impact. The most important aspect of every project we encounter is the potential debth and breadth of their impact. We wish to see our projects getting deep and growing wide, truly improving the lives of people around them.

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