Frequently Asked Questions

Think of as a Social Network for impact driven entrepreneurs and companies that enables you to get in touch with other entrepreneurs and enhances your own network. 

Once you are registered, you can publish status updates using text, photos, slideshows, quotes, videos, audios links and of course GIFs 😉

Also you can add other members of the network as friends and see all updates (your own and those of your friends) in the activity stream.

Also you can join a group to discuss a certain topic a bit more in depth. If you are missing a group, simply create your own group. Within the groups you have an activity stream again, you can also reply to someone’s updates etc.

Within a group you can simply start a forum for a less discussion, more documentation driven conversation.

One of Net4SocialImpact’s core functionalities is a database of resources with relevant information to support you in further developing and growing your Social Business. 

You can also add and search for information about events or coachings in your region and internationally.

Have fun and don’t forget to network and post your own content 😉 is not only a Social Network, but a place for Social Entrepreneurs to exchange, to meet and to connect with other impact driven entrepreneurs. In our talks and surveys with Social Entrepreneurs, we identified the following needs:

  • Social Entrepreneurs are looking for possibilities to network and get to know like-minded people
  • Social Entrepreneurs want to meet new business and cooperation partners to grow their reach
  • Social Entrepreneurs are seeking mentors, who support them in building a sustainable business and share their experiences and ideas for improvement.
  • Social Entrepreneurs are looking for funding opportunities and ways to scale their business
  • Social entrepreneurs are inviting people to join their cause to change the world – either as employees or as volunteers.

We map these needs in our database and match the profiles of Social Entrepreneurs and altruistic driven entrepreneurs along our algorithms. The goal is to show relevant content, people and resources to those who are looking for it. 

The platform and the database behind it is operated by the Net4SocialImpact Association. The project partners of CE RESPONSIBLE are founding members of the association. 

The association aims to become member of The European Association Euclid and supports its agenda, especially in the respective regions of the CE RESPONSIBLE partners, as the focus of the association is Central Europe.

You can use without creating an account to browse through the events and resources or inform yourself about the organizations and partners behind it and even the members.

For becoming part of the Community of Social Entrepreneurs and impact driven companies and individuals, you first need to register. Then you can join groups, comment on posts, connect with other changemakers and find supporters for your cause or challenges. Also you can add status updates, blogposts, events and resources (see FAQs).

Yes, your account is free and you do not have to pay anything.

This website is created by the project CE-Responsible which pays for the cost of maintaining the platform.

Yes, if you are a Social Entrepreneur or working with social entrepreneurs.

If you have forgotten your password or can’t log-in, then please use the following link:

Lost Password

In your account, you can close the account.

Net4SocialImpact can be used as a Social Network (also see FAQ “What is Net4SocialImpact?) and as a one-stop-shop for adding and finding relevant information regarding Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business support. 

Your profile is the core element of this network, as it provides other members with information about your interests and skills. The more information you give, the easier it makes it for other members to contact you. Adding a profile picture also helps to improve your profile and make it more personal. 

When other users click on your profile, they will see your ABOUT area with all provided information, including contact details, your thematic focus (based on the SDGs), your short Bio etc. 

You can enrich your profile with posts (status updates), by sharing share your expertise to find other like-minded users. You can also add quotes, media or links.

Also it shows your activities on the network, for example your recent contributions to a group. 

You can also use it for yourself to save interesting discussions or topics by bookmarking them. These bookmarks will be shown in your profile too. 

So there’s a lots of ways to use and enrich your personal profile to follow our networks overall goal: to match and connect like-minded users with a purpose. 


When you log-in, then you click on the profile picture in your upper right corner then click on change avatar or change background picture.

At the moment, if you are a visitor to the page, you can send us an email to let us know about an interesting event.

However, if you are a registered user and have been approved by our admin-team to contribute events to the page, then simply click on “New Event” at the top of the page.

After reviewing your event contribution, we will publish your event in the calendar.

Please use the following template (in the free text field) when creating an event:

  • Hosted by/Organizer: please add the name of the company or organization or individual who is hosting the event and link the name to the website of this organization.
  • Short description: please add a summary of the event (partly via copy/paste, partly in you own words) in a few sentences and give an overview on topics etc.
  • Additional info: please feel free to add additional information like the target groups, which SDG the event is dedicated to etc. 

Please use the fixed fields to add the following information:

  • Time & Date: please add the start and the end or choose “All day event”
  • Location: either choose a location or add “online” for digital events (unmark “show on map”)
  • Organizers: please add the name of the organization again. Some organizations will already be in the list and you can simply choose the right one. 
  • Event website: please add the link to the original event source/info
  • Event cost: please add 0 for free events or an amount and currency for paid events

On the right, please choose one or more categories: 

  • Event-Type
  • Geography
  • Pricing
  • Social Development Goals

At the bottom, please also add an excerpt of the event, which is shown on the overview (and other) pages. It only needs to be one sentence or copy/paste (parts of) the short description from above.

If possible, set a featured image (note: please add the credits in the caption and description fields).

Publish it/let it be reviewed by the admin. 

Once you are registered and logged in, you can add a new post by clicking on the “+ NEW” link in the menu at the top (black background). It opens an editor, where you can add a title and your text. Also you can add some tags and choose related categories. As soon as your text is finished, you can publish it. 

One of Net4SocialImpact’s core functionalities is a database of resources with relevant information to support you in further developing and growing your Social Business.

You can either browse through our list of resources or add a resource yourself.

By clicking the link add a resource, you will be redirected to a form, which guides you through the process of adding a new resource.

Firstly, you choose a title for the resource, add a short excerpt in english and add the URL to the original source.

In a next step, you can upload an image or logo and add additional information about the resource (in any language).

In the last step, you can categorize your resource to the following:

  • Country
  • Type of resource
  • Type of action

The type of resource can be either business related, or related to education and networking or it can be media or research related or an interesting tool.

By action we define, in which context the resource might help a user, e.g. 

  • Funding (Seeking or providing financial support)
  • Meeting (searching new contacts)
  • Mentoring (Seeking or providing advice)
  • Networking (Searching collaborations)
  • Scaling (Seeking or providing partnership for growth)
  • Volunteering (Seeking or providing work support)

Once you chose at least one category, you can submit the resource. 

It will then be validated and published by our team and is available in our database shortly after. You can then find and search it in our growing list of resources